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Welcome Bexar County ArtsFund Campaign Coordinators


Welcome to the Bexar County Coordinator's Arts Fund Campaign Resources page. 

To order flyers, Posters, contact Monica Martinez @ monicamartinez@bexar.org  -  (210)335-7060 

To order Donation forms or Posters, call or email Kathy LeMaster at 210-212-8303 /  kathy@thefundsa.org.

Here you should be able to find, download and print any thing you need.

1.Timeline: 2017 Bexar County Campaign Timeline

2. “How to Run Your Campaign Meeting”:  Bexar Co How to run 17.pdf

3.  “How to Make a Great Presentation”:    BexarCounty Emp Present info 17.pdf

      **Call the ArtsFund office at 212-8303 to schedule someone from the ArtsFund to help with your presentation**

4.  Employee Renewal Form:  2017 Bexar County Employee Renewal.docx

5.  Campaign Flyer:  2017 ArtsFund flyer.pdf

6.  Campaign Contribution Form:    2017 donation form.pdf

7.  Arts FUNd Card Majestic Theatre special discount flyer:  AF discounts 5-26-17.jpg

8.  Campaign Summary Report Form:   2017 Campaign Summary.doc

9. theArtsFund Video - Unavailable at this time through Bexar County Wi-Fi. Please request a DVD copy.

10. ArtsFund / San Antonio Wolf Trap Logos -- ArtFundEd WT logo.png   FUNdCard_new.jpg  ArtFundEd WT logo.jpg  

11. theArtsFund Poster BC poster print.pdf  

Monica Martinez,  Special Projects Coordinator, provides overall coordination of the campaign,  before, during and after the campaign.   monicamartinez@bexar.org (210)335-7060 

To schedule a Rod to come to your department and make a presentation please call 210-212-8303. Or email Rod at rjrubbo@thefundsa.org.

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