Welcome Bexar County ArtsFund Campaign Coordinators


Welcome to the Bexar County Coordinator's Arts Fund Campaign Resources page. 

For easy access - All of the following are available below for download and printing.

Here you should be able to find, download and print any thing you need, but if you don't give Kathy LeMaster a call at 210-212-8303 or email me at kathy@thefundsa.org.

1.TimelineBexar County 016 timeline revised.pdf

2. “How to Run Your Campaign Meeting”:  Bexar Co How to run 16.pdf

3.  “How to Make a Great Presentation”:    BexarCounty Emp Present info 16.pdf

      **Call the ArtsFund office at 212-8303 to schedule someone from the ArtsFund to help with your presentation**

4.  Employee Renewal Form:  2016 Bexar County Employee Renewal.pdf

5.  Campaign Flyer:  Flyer_Bexar County2016.pdf

6.  Campaign Contribution Form:    2016 donation form.pdf

7.  Arts FUNd Card Majestic Theatre special discount flyer:  Special Discounts for Family and Friends of the ArtsFUNd Card.pdf

8.  Campaign Summary Report Form:   2016 Campaign Summary REVISED LJ.doc

9. theArtsFund Video - Unavailable at this time through Bexar County Wi-Fi. Please request a DVD copy.

Laura Jesse,  Public Information Officer, provides overall coordination of the campaign,  before, during and after the campaign.   ljesse@bexar.org   210.335.0073/o,  210.787.9038/m


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