Host a San Antonio Wolf Trap residency at your school

Joyful, Active Learning for children and educators. 

With the increased focus on STEM in schools, some fear that creativity, art and play will get pushed to the side. But who says you can’t do both at the same time?

Hosting a San Antonio Wolf Trap teaching artist residency in your school’s Pre-K program is a wonderful opportunity to expose young children to the arts while teaching math and science concepts, building confidence and cultivating imagination. 

San Antonio Wolf Trap teaching artists work alongside classroom teachers during 8 week/16-session residencies, held twice a week in the morning during the school day. This learning partnership provides critical tools for teachers to improve school readiness for disadvantaged students.

San Antonio Wolf Trap is a sponsored evidence based program of theArtsFund. theArtsFund is a national affiliate of Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning through the Arts, a Virginia-based organization dedicated to integrating the arts into early childhood education for 35 years. Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts is a program of Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts.

How it works

San Antonio Wolf Trap brings professional performing artists – musicians, dancers, actors, or puppeteers trained in the Institute model– into preschool classrooms to provide teachers with innovative strategies that align with curriculum objectives.

This arts-based teaching method taps into children’s innate desire for active, multisensory learning — children sing, dance and engage their imagination through puppetry, story dramatization, and role play. This approach helps young children to:

·        Engage in developmentally appropriate arts learning

·        Develop their emergent literacy skills and language acquisition

·        Learn math and science concepts, vocabulary, and habits of mind

·        Practice 21st century skills such as communication, creativity, collaboration, cooperation, and flexible thinking

·        Achieve pre-K learning outcomes as defined by national education organizations and local education districts, including the Common Core State Standards

The Wolf Trap Classroom Residency model provides direct, in-classroom services to children while emphasizing the professional development of early childhood educators.

A trained Wolf Trap Teaching Artist works side-by-side with each teacher to develop lesson plans and customize the residency to the needs of the teacher and the class. Each residency includes orientation and planning, participatory classroom sessions led by the teaching artist in partnership with the teacher, and 15-minute follow-up discussions. 


For more detailed information, download a Classroom Residency Overview . To see a residency training in action, watch the video below of Wolf Trap Teaching Artist Melissa Richardson shot during demonstration week at Pre-K 4 SA South. Also watch a classroom residency in action and the synergy between the teaching artist and the classroom teacher! A Wolf Trap classroom residency in ACTION.

$2,500 - cost of one 8 week -16 session classroom residency.

25 -31 students are benefited

1 Teacher receives  16+ hours of professional development on integrating performing arts into their current curriculum, these lessons can be replicated year after year with future classes.

$25 = supplies and materials for one classroom residency.

2016 - 2017 school year 31 residencies were completed benefiting 930 students and 31 teachers in 9 school districts. 

For more information on how you can host a San Antonio Wolf Trap residency at your school, email Rod Rubbo at rjrubbo@thefundsa.org or call 210-212-8303.

Wolf Trap Residency demonstration hosted by theArtsFund and Pre-K 4 SA.

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